Pledge to Vote Safely

We’re living in unprecedented times; the COVID-19 Pandemic poses challenges to our health, well-being, and also our democracy. With the fast approaching November elections and local and primary elections moving forward this summer, our states are working to protect public health and the systems we have in place. Many states are adapting to this crisis by expanding vote by mail and absentee voting. While the Student PIRGs are calling on states to adopt absentee voting measures, we should do our part to take the steps necessary to keep ourselves and our communities safe.  

By signing this Pledge to Vote Safely, I pledge to:

  • Vote by mail for this year’s upcoming elections
  • Encourage family and friends to do the same!
  • Call my Governor and Secretary of State to help make voting safe.

By providing my contact information, I am consenting to have NJPIRG Students and their affiliates contact me with information about this and future campaigns.