Get a Campus Internship

NJPIRG has volunteer, internship, and job opportunities this fall tackling issues important to young people – saving the bees, helping students register and vote, and alleviating hunger and homelessness.

Our priority this fall is to save the bees. New Jersey beekeepers lost 51% of their bee colonies last year, and we need bees to pollinate everything from flowers to chocolate to coffee. Bee die off is caused by pesticides, habitat loss, and climate change. We’re working to get our cities (New Brunswick, Camden, and Newark) to become bee friendly cities to protect our pollinators! We’ll host events with free coffee on international coffee day, get 3000 students to take action signing a petition, and lobby our city officials!

Whether you have 10 hours a week or 10 hours the entire semester, there are tons of ways to get involved. Fill out this online interest form to join our team and learn more about internship & volunteer opportunities for the fall 2022 semester!

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