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NJPIRG has in-person and remote volunteer and internship opportunities tackling issues important to young people- including fighting climate change, making textbooks more affordable, and alleviating hunger and homelessness.

This fall, our priority is continuing our work mobilizing young people to vote, leading up to the 2021 November NJ elections. The New Voters Project is a grassroots initiative to Get Out The Vote on campus, and also to institutionalize voting among students. New Jersey had the highest youth voter turnout in the country in the 2020 election but there is still work to be done! We know that it is essential to continue to work to build a culture of civic engagement on campus for all elections, especially local elections which have more of a direct impact on students’ lives. And there is a lot Rutgers should do to make voting easier. From RAs having voter registration forms at your first floor meeting to busing students to the polls, there’s so much Rutgers can do to make voting easier!

Whether you have 10 hours a week or 10 hours the entire semester, there are tons of ways to get involved. Fill out this online interest form to join our team and learn more about remote internship & volunteer opportunities!

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