Campus Organizer: Max Ciarlone, [email protected]

Student Leadership:

Mahima Balaji // Chapter Chair, Board Representative

Class of 2022 , Biology Major, Computer Science Minor

Why NJPIRG? The reason why I got involved with NJPIRG is because of the powerful movements that we have taken in order to make our community a better place. This organization allows students to become empowered and allows voices to be heard! Joining this team has been incredible and I am eager to see our future successes.

Habiba Rao // Chapter Vice Chair, Board Representative

Class of 2022 , Biology Major, Chemistry Minor

Why NJPIRG? NJPIRG is an organization which works on a lot of effective campaigns that helps our community. I also want to be a part of such organization that cares about environmental protection, youth voting, public health etc. In addition, I want to make a positive impact on our communities.

Noha Omar // Advocacy Chair

Class 2022, Biology Major

Why NJPIRG? I wanted to learn more about how to help our community, while also learning new leadership skills along the way.

Kelly Lozano // Visibility Chair, Board Representative

Class of 2024, Medical Imaging Major

Why NJPIRG? I signed up to work as an intern for the Break Free From Plastic campaign and I enjoyed helping with tabling, Community Engagement Day, and the events we created to engage students with our campaign. I wanted to continue confronting the issues for the future and enhance the visibility of NJPIRG to help our community become stronger. It is a rewarding experience.

Ghufran Hussain // Secretary, Board Representative

Class of 2024, Biology Major

Why NJPIRG? The reason why I joined NJPIRG was because I saw it as a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, to build an advocacy foundation on campus, and to fight against issues that lack visibility in our community. I’ve been with NJPIRG ever since my freshmen year at Rutgers and ever since than i have reached my goals that I looked for in joining this organization

Luis Aguilar // Hunger and Homelessness Campaign Coordinator

Class of 2024, Economics Major

Why NJPIRG? I got involved with NJPIRG because I want to help out the community and make real change. NJPIRG has taught me the leadership skills that are needed to solve major issues in the world. Being involved with NJPIRG is a great experience that I really enjoy.

Current Campaigns:

Break Free From Plastics
Every day, Americans use 70 million foam cups, 500 million straws, things that we use for just a few minutes then throw away. This garbage ends up in our oceans, where it injures and kills marine life like sea turtles.

We need to stop our dependence on these unnecessary single use plastics by eliminating them altogether. We’ve worked to get Rutgers New Brunswick and Rutgers Newark to eliminate plastic bags and water bottles, and now we’re working to get rid of the rest of the plastic on campus. We’re building coalitions with SGA, environmental groups, and multicultural groups, hosting big events like river cleanups with VIPs, and collecting support from the whole student body to win this campaign. 
End Hunger and Homelessness
A recent survey found that 37% of Rutgers students face food insecurity. They often have to choose between basic necessities such as paying their rent, food, and going to school. Additionally, Rutgers campuses are all in cities where homelessness is a problem. We must move quickly to provide solutions and services to safeguard the most vulnerable students. In the United states, no one should ever be hungry, particularly because there is enough food for all of us. We can accomplish Zero Hunger by redirecting some of the meals that are often wasted to disadvantaged people.

Our goal long term is to completely end hunger and homelessness on campus and to make sure that all students have access to basic necessities such as housing and food.

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