Campus Organizer: Kaitlyn Mitchell, [email protected]

Student Leadership:

Camila Ventura-Martinez // Chapter Chair and School of Public Affairs & Administration Board Rep

Major: Public and Nonprofit Administration

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: My favorite thing about NJPIRG is being able to develop student advocacy on campus in order to tackle current and pressing issues. It is rewarding to see people use their voices for change.

Hira Ahmed // Chapter Secretary and At Large Board Representative

Major: Biology

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: Intern class is definitely my favorite.

Samantha Portillo // Get the Lead Out Campaign Coordinator, Grasstops Advocacy Chair, and School of Arts and Sciences-Newark Board Rep

Major: Political Science, minor in Global Politics

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: My favorite part about being involved in NJPIRG is that I get the chance to voice my concerns and do something about it.

Marcela Lewanski // Grassroots Advocacy Chair and At Large Board Rep

Major: Criminal Justice

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: Being able to work with other students who are equally as passionate to create change, as well as being able to educate other students on why we work on campaigns like Zero Waste and Get the Lead Out

Deynna Nolazco // Zero Waste Campaign Coordinator and School of Arts and Sciences-Newark Board Rep

Major: Neurobiology

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: I enjoy being a member of NJPIRG because it allows me to work for so many causes that need help – such as the dangers of single-use plastics to our environment. Through NJPIRG, I found that I was capable of being a leader and a visionary to succeed on all my goals

Josh Benalcazar // New Voters Project Campaign Coordinator and School of Criminal Justice Board Rep

Major: Criminal Justice

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: My favorite part is the people. I like interacting with people who genuinely also wanna make a change for their community. Having fun doing so is one of the perks – one of the ‘pirgs’ haha!

George Basta // Get the Lead Out Outreach Coordinator and Rutgers Business School – Undergraduate Board Rep

Major: Business Management and Leadership

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: My favorite part about being a part of NJPIRG is working towards making a positive difference with a team of people who truly care.

Omar Singer // Media Chair

Major: Management Information Systems

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: Being a part of something larger than myself.

Natalia Ziarno // Visibility Chair

Major: Graphic Design, minor in Art History

Favorite part about being in NJPIRG: My favorite part about being involved in NJPIRG is being able to assist in promoting our campaigns which I feel passionate about, as well as working together with the other students to make a difference with our voices.

Current Campaigns:

Get the Lead Out
This semester our priority campaign is working to Get the Lead Out of Newark’s drinking water. Our campaign is focuses on one of the most prevalent problems in our Newark community: Lead. Lead poisoning can cause developmental delays, abdominal pain, neurological changes, and irritability. At very high levels, it can be fatal–especially to our most vulnerable populations. Our campaign is educating the community and moving our city forward to eliminate this issue so we can have a healthier community, and a cleaner environment.

Zero Waste
We are working to make Rutgers – Newark a Zero Waste campus, and we’re plastic pollution first. Our goal this semester is to get Rutgers – Newark to sign the Break Free from Plastics pledge and work to ban single-use plastics on campus. By doing this, we can join the other college campuses across the country that are saying no to plastic pollution. From there, we’ll take on other initiatives to reduce our landfill use overall and become a Zero Waste campus.

Zero Hunger
No one should have to worry about whether they will have food on their plate or a roof over their head. But the reality is that hunger and homelessness are widespread problems that affect far too many people. Our Hunger Campaign takes our passion and dedication to solving social issues like these and harnesses it through a combination of direct service, fundraising events, and political advocacy.

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