NJPIRG Office: 104 Bayard St. Suite 102, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901

Core Meetings: Thursdays from 8:30-9:30pm over video.
Please contact the campus organizers (below) for info on how to join.
Student Leadership:

Kavya Srivatsa // Chapter Chair

[email protected]

Kavya Srivatsa is a rising senior at Rutgers University, pursuing a Political Science degree and minoring in Labor Studies and Employee Relations. Kavya is extremely passionate about public service and has been closely working with NJPIRG since she transferred to Rutgers as a sophomore. She looks forward to cultivating leadership, inspiring activism, and facilitating change as the Chapter Chair for NJPIRG at Rutgers, New Brunswick.

Ashita Suyal // Chapter Vice Chair

[email protected]

Ashita Suyal is a rising sophomore at Rutgers University – New Brunswick who is pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies. She is also minoring in Social Justice. Ashita is grateful for having been elected as the Vice Chapter Chair at NJPIRG Students for the New Brunswick chapter. She is motivated and super excited to work alongside other students to make a difference on campus together!

Nila Manners // Chapter Secretary

[email protected]

Nila Manners is a rising junior at Rutgers University— New Brunswick majoring in Bio-Medical Engineering. Nila is excited and prepared to take on the role of chapter secretary for NJPIRG. She wants to create and share great memories with the Rutgers community through the organization for the future of students.

Cali Protin // Public Relations Chair

[email protected]

Campus Organizers:
Carly Brannan, [email protected]
Kate Sundberg, [email protected]

Current Campaigns:

Break Free from Plastics
This semester we’re taking on plastics for our lead campaign. Our goal is to get the city of New Brunswick to ban single use plastic bags. By doing this, we can be a leader in New Jersey and join the many other cities across the country that are saying no to plastic pollution.

New Voters Project
New Voters Project is a grassroots initiative to Get Out The Vote on campus, but also to institutionalize voting among students. Rutgers should make voting easier. From RAs having voter registration forms at your first floor meeting to busing students to the polls, there’s so much Rutgers can do to make voting easier!

Make Textbooks Affordable
Open & Affordable Textbooks: college is expensive, and the skyrocketing costs of textbooks aren’t helping. NJPIRG Students helped launch the Open & Affordable Textbooks (OAT) Project at Rutgers, and continues to work for more affordable educational materials by educating professors on OER books and mobilizing against the rise of expensive access codes and other new initiatives running up costs for students.

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