NJPIRG Office: 104 Bayard St. Suite 102, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901

Anisha Cherian // Chapter Chair


Anisha Aley Cherian is a current senior at Rutgers University pursuing a dual degree, a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies and a master’s degree in digital media. She is also minoring in cinema studies. Anisha is thrilled to have been appointed as the NJPIRG Students chapter chair for the New Brunswick chapter and can not wait to make a difference with the incredible team that is helping her oversee the campaigns they are all working on.

Kavya Srivatsa // Chapter Vice Chair


Kavya Srivatsa is a current junior at Rutgers University pursuing a degree in Political Science.

Campus Organizers:
Sarah Eisenstark, seisenstark@njpirgstudents.org, (980) 229 8083
Samantha McVey, smcvey@njpirgstudents.org, (917) 696-7671
Sarah Shames, sshames@njpirgstudents.org, (607) 793 5968
Carly Brannan, cbrannan@njpirgstudents.org, (650) 388 2577

Current Campaigns:

Break Free from Plastics
This semester we’re taking on plastics for our lead campaign. Our goal is to get the city of New Brunswick to ban single use plastic bags. By doing this, we can be a leader in New Jersey and join the many other cities across the country that are saying no to plastic pollution.

New Voters Project
New Voters Project is a grassroots initiative to Get Out The Vote on campus, but also to institutionalize voting among students. Rutgers should make voting easier. From RAs having voter registration forms at your first floor meeting to busing students to the polls, there’s so much Rutgers can do to make voting easier!

Zero Waste, Zero Hunger
Food insecurity is a huge issue on our campuses: 22% of college students nationwide face serious hunger issues. Yet hundreds of pounds of food are wasted on the regular all over our campuses! Join our campaign to get Rutgers to commit to being a Zero Hunger campus & start curbing food waste today!

Save Antibiotics
Antibiotic resistance. The threat is real, and it’s here. Join our work to stop the overuse of live-saving medicine! In 2015 we got Wendy’s and many other fast food restaurants to commit to stop serving chicken raised with the routine overuse of antibiotics! As of December 2018, we got McDonald’s to commit to beef and pork, now it’s time others made the commitment!

100% Renewables: 
100% renewable energy is 100% doable. Join our campaign to get Rutgers to commit to running on 100% renewable energy by 2050.

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