Student Leadership:
Oriana Holmes-Price, Chapter Chair, [email protected]
Ashanti Howard, Chapter Vice Chair/New Voters Project Coordinator, [email protected]
Campus Organizer:
Robin Donohoe, [email protected], (857) 231-2145

Current Campaigns:

New Voters Project
Young people are not voting at the same rate as their parents and grandparents. At Rutgers- Camden we need to create a culture of activism to stress the need for student voices being heard when our country is making decisions. Our work in the spring of 2020 will set the stage for the fast-approaching 2020 elections. Throughout the semester we will hold voter registration tables, informational events, and create a civic action plan for the upcoming election with help from faculty and student organizations.
Campaign Meetings are Tuesday at 12:45 in the NJPIRG Office

Zero Hunger
No student who attends school should be going hungry. Rutgers-Camden should improve resources on campus in order to combat student hunger. This semester we will be working along side the Wellness Center to increase resources we have on campus and create new ones. Additionally, we will be hosting service events in the Camden community throughout the semester.
Campaign Meetings are Wednesday at 11:20 in the NJPIRG Office

Save the Bees
Bees are responsible for pollinating a vast amount of our food products. We must protect them by banning pesticides on campus and making Rutgers- Camden a sanctuary for bees and other important pollinators. During the semester we will host educational events that will stress the importance of pollinators and how we can help them survive. Additionally, we will work with organizations and faculty to ban pesticides from campus.
Campaign Meetings are Thursday at 12:45 in the NJPIRG Office

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