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Youth virtually engage their peers on National Voter Registration Day

TRENTON NJ – Although COVID-19 has reshaped the election landscape in 2020, as in the past, motivated young Americans are leading the efforts to mobilize their communities this fall, even with minimal face-to-face interaction on campus. On National Voter Registration Day (Tuesday, Sept. 22), college student leaders with NJPIRGs’ New Voters Project launched their fall campaign efforts to reach thousands of students over social media by organizing diverse coalitions of student groups on campus and holding virtual events to register and contact youth voters.

NJPIRG Students Host Virtual Voter Registration Event

New Brunswick — Following the launch of online voter registration on Friday, NJPIRG Students hosted a “Registration Staycation” event to help register students to vote virtually. The event Thursday was part of the New Voters Project, a non-partisan, youth voter engagement… Read more

Preparing to vote in an unhealthy world

. In the coming weeks before the next round of state primaries, we need to make sure everyone understands the importance of voting and knows how to do it safely. It is essential to advocate for primaries to be pushed out into the summer months and have mail-in ballots be easily accessible

Year in Review – NJPIRG at Rutgers Camden

Thank you for supporting NJPIRG this year. We started the fall semester off with a bang! After running an incredible recruitment drive, our first official meeting, and Campaign Kick-Off, we had over 40 students, making it the largest campaign kick-off since 2011. With all the new volunteers we gained, we were ready to make an effective change on campus.

Spring 2020 Update – NJPIRG at Rutgers Newark

Even though we are all facing difficult times with the current pandemic, I am excited to face this new year with our new leadership and I am positive that we will be able to achieve incredible social change!

Free resources without an expiration date

Publishers and education tech companies offering temporary free access codes, but using content with restrictive copyrights, has downsides. We want to make sure educators know about the high-quality resources that are permanently free to students, and ensure faculty independence and student data privacy.

Meeting student basic needs during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting campuses nationwide. Here are a few of the ways that institutions are stepping up to meet students’ basic needs in this moment of uncertainty: 

Student PIRGs call on states to adopt emergency absentee voting

While many states have plans to deal with emergencies like power outages, natural disasters and other one-off situations, very few states are currently set up to successfully run an election where large public gatherings, such as polling places, present a public health risk.