Rutgers University Board of Governors approves Divestment from fossil fuels and will begin reinvesting in green renewable energy.

Press Release

-For Immediate Release-

Contact: Kaitlyn Mitchell, 100% Renewables Campaign Organizer, 413-244-0354, [email protected]

New Brunswick – On Tuesday March 9th, 2021, the Rutgers Board of Governors and Board of Trustees voted to approve the resolution to divest its investments in fossil fuels. This makes Rutgers one of the 1200 institutions to make the commitment to divestment.

“We are doing our part to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations of students..”, said Board of Governors Chair Mark Angelson. The decision was made after years of many students calling for Rutgers to pull its investments in the fossil fuel industry. This call is one of many sustainability related efforts that students have been advocating to be included in Rutgers Climate Action Plan.

“Divestment is a huge win not just for Rutgers, but for the broader community of activists”, said Mollie Passacantando, Vice President of Student for Environmental Awareness (SEA). “With Princeton slated to have a divestment vote soon, and increasing pressure on the NJ state pension fund to divest, the divestment of New Jersey’s state school has sent a shockwave through the system. And it certainly sent a shockwave through the activists who have worked on this movement at Rutgers for years.”

Rutgers has released its second phase of their Climate Action Plan for public comment a few weeks ago. This plan came from the President’s Task Force on Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience. They are using this period to accept feedback from the Rutgers community. The Rutgers community has been using this time to show broad base support for Rutgers taking bold steps in the fight against climate change by submitting comments.

Now with divestment on the table, students are continuing their push for Rutgers to continue on its path of climate leadership by committing all three Rutgers campuses to 100% Renewable Energy and ensure its inclusion in their final action plan.

“We support the Board’s decision”, said Oriana Holmes-Price, 100% Renewable Energy Campaign Coordinator with NJPIRG Students. We will continue to urge President Holloway to support the transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, aligning Rutgers as a leading statewide player in the fight against the climate crisis.”

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