85% of Rutgers students say YES

Every three years for the last 45 years, students at Rutgers have voted on whether to reaffirm NJPIRG’s funding on campus. Over 19,000 students cast their ballots in the NJPIRG Students referendum in the last few weeks and the results are in…

Over 85% of Rutgers students vote YES for NJPIRG Students!

Our funding has allowed us to hire full-time professional staff to give us the expertise and political clout to win real results. This semester we –

  • Released a new report documenting the problem of food insecurity on campus that was covered in 101.5The Washington Post, and CNN. Our work has helped to establish student food pantries at Rutgers – Newark and New Brunswick.
  • Worked with the Rutgers Library to launch the first program to incentive free open source textbooks in New Jersey. This program will save students tens of thousands of dollars in it’s first semester alone.

As we look forward to 2017, we know that students on campuses across the state and country are ready to get to work, and we’re ready to give them the skills and resources it’ll take to tackle issues they care about and win.

Ready to take action? Apply to intern with us next semester.


Arielle Mizrahi Senior, Rutgers – New Brunswick NJPIRG Students Chair, Board of Directors