The NJPIRG referendum has begun!

Since 1972 students have voted to continue funding NJPIRG through an $11.20 waivable fee. This fee is used to hire staff - a team of doctors, lawyers, advocates and organizers that can research solutions (like our open-textbook pilot program) write bills (like our clean energy initiatives) and lobby full time on the students behalf (like standing up for voter registration)! Most importantly, these staff serve as an on campus resource for NJPIRG students and volunteers so they can win the campaigns they want to work on!

Just last week, one of the largest chicken producers in the country, Perdue Farms, committed to stop selling meat raised on the overuse of antibiotics (full story: Chicago Tribune). When we launched the campaign two years ago, no major companies had made this commitment.

We ran massive national campaigns to push McDonalds and Subway to change their sourcing practices and won. Pam Clough, our advocate in Washington D.C. called it when she said to the Washington Post, “This is a super-sized change for McDonald’s, and we’re lovin’ it. They will signal to the marketplace a huge and growing demand for chicken raised without the routine use of antibiotics.” Now nearly half of the chicken market in the U.S. has eliminated the use of antibiotics medically important to humans.

So, why do faculty, students and staff across New Jersey support NJPIRG Students? Because we get results. Vote yes today.

"It's important to have a regional advocacy group for students who don't have time to take action, NJPIRG can speak on our behalf and give real expertise on any issue. They really target issues that matter to students." - Emily Arezzi, RUSA Senate Leader

"NJPIRG has been on the front lines of protecting consumers, protecting the environment, and keeping college affordable. It is so important for students to get involved in the future of their country and I am thankful to NJPIRG for giving them a voice - Congressman Frank Pallone Jr

"PIRG lets Rutgers students show we care: about hunger, homelessness, voting, and about textbooks we can afford. A vote for PIRG expresses our best values" - Dr. Chris Fitter, Rutgers-Camden Faculty

"NJPIRG is important because students connecting with students is the most powerful way to get things done" - Antionette Johnson, Communications Manager, Rutgers School of Public Health

"To vote for NJPIRG's referendum is to vote for doing the right thing on issues that matter" - Vlad Carrasco, RUSA SAS Senator

"We are focused on our lives as students and only pay attention to issues when they're brought to our attention. We need groups like NJPIRG to bring these issues to campus so we can all be a part of the solution"- Dhruvit Patel, Engineering Governing Council

"NJPIRG fights for all of us on issues ranging from the cost of higher education to fighting poverty and they actually get results. Vote Yes!" - Jenna Sobieski, RU Cross Country

Thank you for your support! Vote YES TODAY in the NJPIRG Referendum!

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