The latest updates up from each chapter, media coverage of our campaigns, and research reports.

Media Coverage

For all our campaigns, we combine the power of professional advocates with student activists to persuade or pressure our elected officials to serve the public interest. We do this through a variety of means, including educating the community, building public support, and partnering with powerful groups and individuals. One of the ways we further these efforts is through getting media coverage of the research and advocacy work we do. We are constantly researching what is in the public interest and one of the best ways we spread this knowledge is through the media.

Research Reports

Our student research team and professional staff not only document the problems facing our state and country, they use data to show how we can change the status quo. From uncovering the unfair practices of the textbook industry to how food insecurity impacts college students, our research reports have pushed the envelope on what’s possible in the world of policy. Student organizers use these reports to get media attention, lobby our elected officials, and educate the campus.