The growing number of used tires has been a huge problem plaguing the nation, and New Jersey is no exception. There are still illegal tire dumping grounds scattered across New Jersey. And amongst the tire dumping grounds that are legal, only some of them actually recap the tires. The other ones burn the tires, which is just as bad for the environment as burning coal and oil.

New Jersey officials are happy with the progress the tire program has made, and have become complacant. But we are ready to take action. We are not content with burning tires or leaving them in illegal dumping grounds to catch fire on their own. Therefore, we are going to put a stop to illegal tire dumping by working with the Middlesex county officials to implement a national Tire Amnesty Day this May. We aren’t going to stop there though. In fact, we will work with get New Jersey truck companies to get them to commit to only buying recycled tires.

We are in the perfect position to work with the municipalities and truck companies to create a better place for tires in New Jersey. As students, we can gather photo petitions showing how we recycle tires, bring them to our local government and show them exactly how to save our tires. We can also use this support to get truck companies to commit to buying only recycled tires.

Now all we need is your help. When students show up to our local governments and industries, we can be taken seriously if we have the public support. That is why we are going to gather 1,000 petitions, 100 of which will be photo petitions, all to show that Rutgers students take our transportation issues seriously. We are also going to have two press conferences, with people from the Department of Environmental Protection to our elected officials here in Middlesex.

The tire program has been loosing momentum every year. Decision makers consistently use money for tire recycling on snow removal. We know that by demonstrating that New Jersey residents support better tire recycling programs, decision makers will support the programs too.