It's Our Turn: Vote 2017

Gubernatorial Election Timeline

October 17 Voter Registration Deadline for Gubernatorial Election

October 30 Deadline to apply for a Mail-In Ballot by Mail for Gubernatorial Election

November 7 Gubernatorial Election Day

Find your polling place.

For over twenty-five years, the New Voters Project has played a leading role in registering and mobilizing young voters, protecting their right to cast a ballot once they appear at the polls. We are constantly highlighting their importance and redeveloping the techniques and technology used to reach them.

Just a few years ago, nearly everyone had nearly written off the youth vote. Politicians focused their ads, speeches, and campaigns around older voters. Even the issues they were talking about had little to do with the youngest generation of voters, focusing instead on issues like social security and prescription drug coverage. It's hardly surprising when you looked at the numbers: people over the age of 60 were voting at twice the rate of young people, and the percentage of people under the age of 25 turning out to vote had declined steadily for decades.

Since 2003, the New Voters Project has helped over 600,000 students across the country to register to vote, and has made huge progress to reverse this trend.

We're all asking the same questions when it comes to the future. What shape will the economy be in when we graduate? What about the job market? Will we be able to pay off our student loans? Will contemporary issues like big money in politics and protecting our environment be dealt with, or will they still be ignored, only to get bigger and harder to solve?

One thing is for sure, we know a better future isn’t going to happen if we just sit around waiting for it. That's why we spent last fall teaming up with members of RU Progressives, RUSA, and over 50 other Rutgers groups to help register over 2,500 new voters just at Rutgers. In just one week we helped register 1,000 new voters. And we didn't stop there.

Before election day, we made sure everyone knew where their polling location was, how to get there, and reminded thousands of people to vote. With all our help, Busch and Livingston Campus at Rutgers saw record voter turnouts.