This Year

New Voters Project

  • The New Voters Project is the largest non-partisan, on the ground, youth mobilization effort in the country. Check out updates from the field across the country in the New Voters Project Tumblr.
  • Helped to register over 11,300 voters at Rutgers in the 2010, 2012, and 2013 elections.
  • Made over 30,000 contacts reminding students to vote - notified thousands of students of polling location changes in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Making Textbooks More Affordable

Everyone knows that textbooks costs are out of control—the average student spends $900 per year! We're promoting cost-saving solutions on campus while also tackling publishers' stranglehold on the market to change prices for good. We're educating students, faculty and bookstores and raising awareness through research and media attention.

  • Recently, won a grant for an affordable pilot textbook program. Read about affordable textbooks in The Daily Targum
  • The Rutgers New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden campuses were 3 of 40 campus stops on the national Textbook Rebellion Tour to raise awareness about the high cost of textbooks and affordable solutions. The tour collected 10,000 petition signatures and was featured in 100 news stories.

Save Antibiotics

  • Check out our work on antibiotics as well as other campaigns in Spring 2016.
  • We convinced multiple restaurant chains to switch to only buying meat raised without the routine use of our life-saving medicines. And the list keeps on growing. Since launching this campaign in the Spring of 2015, the following chains have phased out meat raised with the routine use of antibiotics:
    • McDonalds
    • Subway
    • Taco Bell
    • Pizza Hut
    • Wendy’s

Corporate Money out of Elections

  • Seven New Jersey congressmen signed on to co-sponsor a bill to overturn Citizens United!
  • With a statewide coalition, we got city and town councils in 15 municipalities to go on record against unlimited corporate spending in our elections.
  • We collected over 1,500 petitions and got North Brunswick, Essex County, the City of Newark, Highland Park, and Princeton to take a stand against the 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC.
  • Released numerous reports documenting the influence of corporate money in our elections - more in Politicker.

Making Higher Education More Affordable

  • Reduced the burden of student loan debt by capping students' monthly loan payments and stopping aggressive cuts to Pell grants, the federal financial aid program that serves more than 9 million students.
  • Check out the photos from our press conference with RUSA and President McCormick. Stopped Stafford student loan interest rates from doubling from by delivering 130,000 letters to Congress.

Health Care

  • Educated over 8,000 students at Rutgers about the changes in health care with the Affordable Care Act going into effect.
  • Hosted press conferences in Camden and New Brunswick with Congressman Pallone, local state Assemblymembers, and Rutgers Health Services that was covered by print and TV media. Coverage in NJ Spotlight. Check out the photos from the press events.

Energy Service Corps

  • Built more energy efficient communities by educating 10,000 elementary school, community members, and college students about energy efficiency and weatherizing 50 homes to help homeowners and college students living off campus save energy and money.

Protecting Our Drinking Water from Natural Gas Drilling

  • Collected over 1,000 petitions and generated 150 phone calls to Governor Christie’s office to stop dangerous gas drilling, known as fracking, on the Delaware River.
  • Coverage of our campaign launch in the Targum.

Sustainable U

  • Collecting 4,000 student pledges to show support for banning plastic bags on Rutgers' campus. News coverage of our campaign.

Fighting Poverty

  • In our annual Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, we educate 350 students about poverty, collecting 2,500 food and necessity items for local food pantries, and raising $40,000 to fight poverty locally and for famine relief per year.

Cleaning up NJ's Waterways

  • Partnering with the Interfraternity Council and the City of New Brunswick at to organize a street cleanup with 275 volunteers/year. Coverage in the Targum here.

Promoting Public Transit

  • Teaming up with the cast of Mad Men to make a Funny or Die video supporting High Speed Rail. Watch it here. Released numerous reports and were covered in dozens of news outlets - here are a few: CBS New York, NJ101.5, New Works.